I’m just putting the finishing touches on my latest percussion ensemble Cyclone. This piece was commissioned by Lewis Norfleet, director of bands at Union High School in Camas, Washington to be premiered at the Midwest Band and Orchestra Clinic in Chicago this December.

This piece features a quartet of marimbists sharing two facing marimbas. This quartet is accompanied by piano and 7 other percussionists, most of whom are playing some form of mulit-percussion setup. There is still some detailing and refining left to do, but this has been one of my more ambitious pieces and I thought it might be fun to share it while it’s still in the final stages of cooking. 

This audio recording comes straight out of Sibelius, so there are some humanizing and mixing things that aren’t nearly where I’d like them to be yet, but it’s a start. All sounds are generated from Virtual Drumline.

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