ARE YOU currently accepting commissions?

Yes. Please contact me and let me know what sort of commission you have in mind so we can discuss timelines, pricing, and expectations.


It depends on my current workload. If I have some time in my schedule for an hour-long session I may be able to offer some input on your work. My rate for this sort of thing is $90/hour. If you're interested in checking availability, please contact me.

Are you available for clinics, and how much do you charge?

Currently, I have stopped doing percussion clinics due to a very busy schedule with Tapspace and various composition projects. So I'm really trying not to travel unless absolutely necessary. This may change in the future though, so please feel free to check back.

Are you currently writing for marching band shows or indoor percussion groups?

Due to a very busy schedule with Tapspace and other composition projects, I've scaled back how many marching ensembles I'm able to write for. Please check with me to see if I have room in my current schedule for your marching show. Creatively speaking, it's very important for me to limit how many of these ensembles I write for at any given time so I can fully commit my energy toward delivering an original product.

Do you sell scores to drum corps shows that you've written for SCV or Cavaliers?

Maybe. If the piece isn't in the public domain and you obtain proper permission from the copyright holder to arrange these pieces, I am often willing to sell these shows to school organizations who wish to adapt them for their own season. If you represent a performing ensemble and are interested in doing this, please contact me. Please note, I don't share or sell these scores to individuals.

To learn more about receiving permission to arrange, I recommend Copycat Licensing. They offer fair rates and can take the hassle out chasing down the proper signatures. It's a good idea to allow ample time for this process.

Do you give drum lessons?

I'm afraid my schedule doesn't allow for lessons at the current time.

How do I go about getting my percussion music published by Tapspace?

There's a detailed FAQ about this on the Tapspace site.

Can you give me some quick help on setting up Virtual Drumline?

If directing you to this article counts as quick help, then absolutely, yes!